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Reversal of Sterlisation

Many women call the practice to enquire about reversal of sterilization. In theory this is possible and Dr Rosen can certainly perform the procedure laparoscopically with minimal risk and speedy return to work. There are however, some issues to consider;

  1. Success or even the ability to perform the tubal reanastamosis (re-connection of the tubes) will often depend on how the tubes were blocked in the first place – by clips, sutures or even removal of a part of the tube. It is important for the success of the reanastamosis that the two ends to be rejoined are of similar size and often this can only be seen at the time of the second procedure
  2. In thiay and age with the advancement of IVF procedures, many advocate going straight to IVF rather than attempting surgical reanastamosis
  3. Even if successfully rejoined, there is no guarantee of pregnancy and there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy in the tube that has been operated upon

Nonetheless it can be done. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation to discuss further.

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