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Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to visit Dr Rosen ?

Anybody can visit a specialist without a GP referral letter. Unfortunately however, if you wish to claim back the medicare entitlement for the visit you need a valid (up to date) referral letter from a GP. If you are an international visitor without Medicare then a referral is not necessary.

Do I need to be in a Health Fund to see Dr Rosen?

No. Health Insurance unfortunately does not cover the costs of out of hospital expenses such as consultations. However, the benefit of having health insurance is that it will usually cover the hospital costs of any inpatient surgery that may be recommended.  There will be associated gap payments for the surgeon, assistant and anaesthetist and these will be itemised and detailed before any surgery.  We do offer operating lists in public hospitals for those without health insurance, however there is often a lengthy waiting list.

Is there a female gynaecologist that I can see?

Dr Rosen is a male gynaecologist and that is unlikely to change at any time in the future! Whilst it is understandable if one is embarrassed and would therefore only feel comfortable with a female doctor, it is important with health matters to see the BEST person rather than someone who is of any particular sex, religion or race.

Will I be kept waiting for my appointment?

We will endeavour to make a booking for you as soon as possible. If something is very urgent, please let us know or ask your GP to call Dr Rosen directly on the practice numbers and we can always find time to see you. At your scheduled appointment, we aim to see people on time every time and will contact you by text or mobile if there is going to be any major delay.

What costs are involved?

Initial consultation or new referrals are charged at $250 about 1/3 of that cost is reimbursed by medicare. There may be additional reimbursable charges if additional services are required such as colposcopy for Pap smear abnormalities, insertion or removal of an IUD or minor surgical procedures.

What about costs of surgery?

    • All surgery carried out in Private Hospitals will carry a gap payment depending on the complexity and nature of the surgery involved. Obviously every case is individual and so we do not feel it is appropriate or even possible to give quotes for surgery over the phone. Furthermore, we do not think that you should choose a surgeon based on price but rather on your relationship and the skill and experience of the surgeon. Every patient who is under our care will receive a full estimate of fees prior to any surgery as well as information about anaesthetist fees, pathology etc.

    • Patients who elect to be placed on our Public Hospital waiting lists will have no costs for their surgery in the Public health system. The surgery will be carried out by Registrars under the supervision of Dr Rosen.